Bull Run Lottery 50% of all secondary sale royalties contribute to the lottery reward fund. All Beach Club holders automatically qualify for the Bull Run weekly giveaway of 50% of previous weeks revenue. As future collections are released Beach Club holders will enjoy higher Weekly lottery prize pools as royalties from all collections will go to the Beach Club holders.


Official Beach Club merchandise will be available after release. Holders will be eligible for custom merch and exclusive free swag. Permanent Whitelist

The Bull Run City metaverse consists of a minimum of 3 NFT collections, Beach Club receive automatic whitelist and free members only discounts for every future collection.

P2E Game/Token Airdrop The Beach Club characters make up the Characters of the Bull Run City game. Beach Club holders will receive free entry into game. Inside the Bull Run City Game will be a collective of small mini games where revenue will be redistributed to Beach Club holders. Beach Club holders will also receive discounts towards in game assets.

An in-game token will be developed to allow members to play the games inside the Bull Run City metaverse. All Beach Club holders will receive a set amount of tokens (TBD) dependant on the category of their character.

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